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Facial Massage

Facial massage is an anti-aging skin treatment. You want to look better -- younger!
The Zen Anti-Aging Facial Massage is a popular holistic solution for those who want to look younger but don't want harsh chemicals or surgery to do so.

Get healthier, younger-looking skin. Minimize wrinkles and fight sagging for a more toned profile.

Facial Massage is rooted in the ancient medical traditions of Japan, where youthful faces and porcelain skin have been admired since the days of the geishas. The Japanese believed that beauty was more than just skin deep and reflected your inner health and radiance. By utilizing the meridians and tsubo (acupressure points) of each individual and the power of essential oils to transform habitual expressions, the Zen Anti-aging facial massage tones the face, eliminates wrinkles and skin damage, and brings a radiance and health to the skin, building collagen and detoxing to show your most beautiful face again.

Facial massage before and after pictures show skincare treatment. The Zen Anti-Aging Facial Massage offers:

  • Reduces age spots and skin damage
  • Smoothes out wrinkles
  • Tones the facial muscles to plump up sagging skin and bags under the eyes
  • Removes the lines from habitual expressions like frown lines, worry lines and laugh lines
  • Improves circulation and detoxes the skin for a radiant glow

Utilizing Japanese tsubo (acupressure points), lymphatic drainage and special medical Qi-Gong strokes, the Zen Anti-aging Facial Massage softens the appearance of wrinkles, slows formation of new ones, stimulates collagen productin and heals skin damage from sun and chemicals, and keeps facial muscles from succumbing to gravity and time. Book online now to make your appointment and make use of our special offer:

Read How It Works

Emotions and your expression have a lot to do with your face. Essential oils plus the clearing of blockages in the meridians through acupressure can return the face to a more open, balanced and youthful state. Certain emotions like weariness, sadness and stress are expressed so often that the facial muscles adapt to these expressions. Some muscles become chronically underused and others chronically overused. The outcome of this slow imbalance is called "natural aging" but it is NOT inevitable! What we call "natural aging" is nothing more than poor muscle tone and muscle imbalances. A Zen face, like a regularly exercised body, stays contoured and smooth and able to express any emotion. Unlike a surgical facelift, where the face can look skinned without the underlying muscle tone, a Zen face glows with the beauty within. Read more about expression and wrinkles and sagging skin and how essential oils can reverse the process naturally and bring back your younter, more open face.

How long does it last?Just like your body's fitness at a gym, you have to keep your face toned and massaged for results to last. There are no miracle cures for aging. It takes a concerted effort to "catch up" and bring your face to its best - usually 4-6 sessions. And then it requires repetition to maintain going forward. That is why your Zen Anti-Aging Facial Massage comes with a personalized self-care brochure to empower you to maintain and even improve your results. Take a peek at some self-care exercises and give them a try.