is a specialized type of connective tissue which is highly adaptive and holds many of the patterns that can cause pain and stiffness in the body...// more

Structural Therapy eradicate many chronic strain patterns - for good- through newly discovered properties of the fascia...// more

Fascial Conduction
Fasical Conduction addresses the bioelectric properties of fascia which our bodies use to communicate tension and spatial information between muscles, organs, and all the body systems. ....// more

About Cary Massage Clinic

About Cary Massage ClinicCary Massage Clinic specializes in clinical massage therapy to relieve chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries. Core to this approach are structural bodywork and fascial conduction techniques (see definitions in the sidebar), which reverse muscle imbalances and fascial binding to enliven the body's flexibility and adaptability - those very qualities that allow us to move, work and rest without noticing any stiffness or pain - as if we were younger again. Many other techniques can be called on: neuromuscular therapy, reciprocal inhibition, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques. Our bodies adapt by tightening muscles and restricting circulation and upsetting the natural muscle balances. Over time pain results, but it is reversible, and clinical massage therapy can restore the body to balance and flexibility as well, or even better than, any other method. Cary Massage Clinic works with other healthcare professionals, and the insurance companies wherever possible. For more about insurance…

What to expect

The massage experience is somewhat different from a relaxation massage - assessments are part of each session, and the sessions are goal-oriented. Goals are established in the first session and can be as specific as stop my elbow/knee/ from hurting, recovering after an injury, or more general such as relieving chronic issues like back pain, stiff neck, FMS, or foot pain. The sessions are conducted with light clothing - ideally gym shorts or loose, comfortable clothing. Women are usually most comfortable wearing sports bras. A pair of loose-fitting, short, cotton gym shorts, or yoga-type stretchy shorts are good options. Just keep in mind: " Clothing should not pinch or bind. If you can lie on the table and pull one knee to your chest without resistance, you're in good shape. " Clothing should allow us to view and work around your upper legs, mid-back, and neck. " Avoid heavy lycra. Bicycle shorts, girdles, and other garments containing lycra are nearly impossible to work through.


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